Using TED Talks in the Classroom

Students are asked more and more often to evaluate a wider range of media. I am always looking for tools that not only I can use in the classroom, but students will use effectively. I found that tool: TED Talks.

My students search for talks that interest them. Their assignment is to intently watch the talk they selected and complete the Google Doc assignment I give them. It’s a simple assignment that has become quite insightful, for me and for my students. I am pleasantly surprised at how eager my students are to do this assignment. They even ask when we will be doing it again!

The assignment allows me to easily assess their engagement and media evaluation skills, allows for student choice, and provides frequent and meaningful student interaction with visual media. Here is the document I use. Feel free to copy and change it to suit your needs.


About babblingbykenny

I am a teacher, a coach, an education technology trainer, an author, a sports junkie, and a wannabe comedian (and a maker of sentences with several commas). I teach 8th grade ELA , U.S. History and Technology in the Moreland School District in San Jose, CA
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4 Responses to Using TED Talks in the Classroom

  1. This is a great read! Thank you for the post!

  2. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I linked to your Google document on my post too!

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